June 2017

Volume 23, Number 1

In this issue, Peter Ashley discusses mapping the inner experience of wilderness; Dan Dustin, Larry Beck, and Jeff Rose examine emerging issues related to technology on the Pacific Crest Trail; we also have a summary of the Interagency Visitor Use Management Framework from the US federal agencies; and much more!



Famed grizzly bear biologist John Craighead died in his sleep at his Missoula, Montana, home September 18, 2016.

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Book Reviews

In this work, two wilderness scholars take us on a journey to visit multiple facets of wilderness, looking for integrated ways to understand wilderness

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Managing Unconfined Recreation in Wilderness

Once a US wilderness is congressionally designated, land management agencies must manage it to preserve its wilderness character. Wilderness character is defined by five qualities: untrammeled, natural, undeveloped, solitude or primitive and unconfined recreation, and other features of value

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Wilderness in a Time of….?

I considered finishing the title of this editorial in a number of ways. Wilderness in a time of polarizing politics? …in a time of climate change? … in a time of rhetoric and conflict? Any one of these examples might illustrate the socio- and geopolitical climate that many of us as wilderness professionals, managers, educators, and advocates are currently experiencing.

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