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Volume 26: 2020

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Volume 26, Number 3: December 2020


In this issue of IJW, we remember Michael Soulé and his contributions to conservation. Karen Mudar examines managing cultural resources in wilderness. Tyler Cribbs, Ryan Sharp, Matthew Brownlee, Elizabeth Perry, and Jessica Fefer investigate solitude for wilderness and nonwilderness users. And Grant Dixon discusses the implications of tourism on the Tasmanian Highlands.

Volume 26, Number 2: August 2020


This special edition on long distance trails starts with the Soul of the Wilderness where Beth Boyst shares the opportunities and benefits of collaboration and a shared vision and stewardship for National Scenic Trails and wilderness Areas. Cerveny, Derrien, and Miller provide a foundation for understanding the evolving role of partners in the shared stewardship of National Scenic Trails. Reigner and Wimpey discuss key insights on how collaboration can inform multi-jurisdictional management through examples of the Pacific Crest National Scenic and John Muir Trails. Then, Cole and Thomsen provide findings of social aspects of the thru-hiker experience before, during, and after the completion of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail. And more!

Volume 26, Number 1: April 2020


In this issue of IJW, we explore the influence of trails on wilderness perceptions. Tarun Chhabra examines the Toda people as stewards of wilderness and biodiversity. Dani Dagan, Ryan Sharp, Matthew Brownlee, and Emily Wilkins investigate the uses of social media data in remote wilderness settings. And Kathryn Sutcliffe discusses the implications of Instagram representations for wilderness management.