Transitioning the IJW in 2017

Chad Dawson, IJW Editor-in-chief, shares the next phase of the journal

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The tool of choice for wilderness managers & advocates

Photo © Jaime Rojo: Río San Pedro Mezquital, México

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Welcome to the International Journal of Wilderness (IJW) website where you can access full copies of every past issue of the International Journal in an easy to read online format and also available for download (PDF). The International Journal of Wilderness (IJW) is the tool of choice for wilderness managers and advocates, produced through a unique collaboration between the WILD Foundation and its many partners and sponsors. The IJW links wilderness professionals, scientists, educators, environmentalists, and interested citizens worldwide with a forum for reporting and discussing:

  • wilderness ideas and events
  • inspirational ideas
  • planning, management, and allocation strategies
  • education
  • wilderness research reports and management approaches of wilderness stewardship.

Every issue contains peer-reviewed research articles and feature presentations from numerous countries, as well as a Wilderness Digest, book reviews and illustrations. It presents the latest in wilderness management, research and recreation, while also covering related issues on the sustainability of wildlands internationally, and community involvement in protected areas, and policy issues. Each yearly volume has three issues, April, August and December. The Journal was initiated in 1995 by The University of Idaho – Wilderness Research Center, The WILD Foundation and Fulcrum Publishing. This site provides free, download-able past volumes (1995 through last year’s volume).  The current volume is available for subscribers. To receive an individual subscription for the current volume, please visit our subscribe page. To inquire/receive an institutional subscription, please contact