August 2020

Volume 26, Number 2

Sunrise at 1000 Island Lake on the Pacific Crest Trail. © Thomas Piekunka

In this issue

This special edition on long distance trails starts with the Soul of the Wilderness where Beth Boyst shares the opportunities and benefits of collaboration and a shared vision and stewardship for National Scenic Trails (NSTs) and wilderness Areas. Next, Cerveny, Derrien, and Miller provide a foundation for understanding the evolving role of partners in the shared stewardship of National Scenic Trails. Reigner and Wimpey discuss key insights on how collaboration can inform multi-jurisdictional management through examples of the Pacific Crest National Scenic and John Muir Trails. Then, Cole and Thomsen provide findings of social aspects of the thru-hiker experience before, during, and after the completion of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail and how this social experience influences hike preparation, response to challenges during the hike, and the transition back to everyday life.

Stelson, Rice, and Taff share findings from a culturally significant trail through the Katmai Wilderness to discuss the importance of considering cultural resources in long-distance trail planning and management. Then, Rogers and Leung provide findings for how emerging technologies create opportunities and challenges for managers and recreationists of the Appalachian Trail and how this information can inform spatial decisions. Finally, Cunha et al. offer an international perspective on the growth and evolution of the Brazilian long-distance trail system, the involvement of diverse groups, and challenges facing the future.

Bigart’s book review of a recently published The Unlikely Thru-Hiker by Derick Lugo highlights the unique perspective of the author as an African-American thru-hiker with no previous outdoor experience on his Appalachian Trail journey. The review offers key insights to how thru-hiking can be a more inclusive and diverse type of recreation and the impacts of these immersive experiences.

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Foundation and Future of Long Distance Trails

Foundation and Future of Long Distance Trails

We begin this special edition of the International Journal of Wilderness with references to the U.S. Wilderness and National Trails System Acts to illustrate the significance and interconnectedness of wilderness areas and long-distance trails.

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