April 2019

Volume 25, Number 1

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In this issue of IJW, we explore insights from the 2018 National Wilderness Workshop. Vladimir Bocharnikov and Falk Huettmann discuss wilderness conditions as ecological indicators in Russia. David Cole documents the history and contributions of the Wilderness Management Research Unit. Finally, Helen Kopnina examines rights and ecological justice across Amazonia.

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Did #MakeYourSplash Make a Splash?

In 2018, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the birth of our Wild and Scenic River System. Created in 1968 with only eight rivers, the system has grown to include more than 12,000 miles (19, 312 km) and over 200 protected rivers.

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“You have met #theriverismyoffice river managers and others who work in river-related professions. Their stories paint a picture of a richly committed, enthusiastic group of people responsible for many aspects of the rivers on or in which we rely.”

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Book Review

In sum, this book is a thoughtful, insightful snapshot of the many challenges facing protected area agencies and the constantly changing role of science in helping address these issues.

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Book Review

Australia has played a seminal role in developing the concept of wilderness as a distinct protected area, worthy of special recognition, designation, and management.

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