December 2018

Volume 24, Number 3

Photo © Jaime Rojo

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In this issue of IJW, we remember the wilderness giant Stewart “Brandy” Brandborg. Betsy Lindley, Maria Blevins, and Scott Williams discuss cultural meanings and management challenges for urban-proximate wilderness areas. David Cole documents the historical development and evolution of the Leave No Trace program. Finally, Crista Valentino highlights the emergence of new conservation leaders with the CoalitionWILD program.

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Leave No Trace: How It Came to Be

Despite being unable to identify the precise origin of Leave No Trace, we can identify by whom, when, and how the Leave No Trace message came to be made consistent and coherent and the dissemination of Leave No Trace messages came to be institutionalized.

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A generation of new ambition is staring at their future and are grappling with what to do next and where to start.

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Book Review

The arguments over whether, why, and when governments should preserve public lands from private ownership have a very long history.

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Book Review

The many authors of this book, who wrote as a collective, are passionate environmental educators who firmly believe in the power of the wild and the other species that still surround us.

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