August, 2003

Drummond Densham contributes and international perspective for this issue of the journal, honoring Bill Bainbridge of South Africa for his receipt of an honory doctorate of law from the University of Natal for his distinguished work supporting and promoting wilderness conservation. The formation of The Wilderness Task of the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The task for is co-chaired by Vance Martin, WILD’s President, and Khulani Mkhize, CEO of KwaZulu Natal Widlife.

December, 2003

Sandra Slater-Jones contributes an article to this issue of the journal on the relationship between transfrontier park managers, policy makers and resident indigenous populations. She emphasizes the importance of cooperation between countries and protected area managers in transboundary parks, and a greater awareness of local, human issues. Linda Moffat writes a very interesting article on adventure racing in the wild, a use of wildlands that is under much scrutiny. She provides perspectives from adventure racers to create a balanced story of the impacts and benefits of adventure racing on protected areas.

April, 2002

Vance Martin and Andrew Muir provide an overview of activities and outcomes of the 7th World Wilderness Congress, Port Elizabeth, South Africa (November 2001). In the education and communication section, Maclom Draper and Alan Watson report on wilderness management workshops held prior to the 7WWC, which focused on the philosophy, history, and management of wilderness; making wilderness relevant to local and traditional people; and, sustainable financing of restoration and education programs.

August, 2002

Vance Martin, WILD’s President, contributes an editorial perspective, in which he calls for us to remember that: the ecological services wilderness provides go to everyone on the planet; and, the power of wilderness to move people in a transformative way. He reminds us that “wilderness has soul.” Christopher Monz provides an overview of an evaluation of evaluating student satisfaction in wilderness education courses, specifically from the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). John Shultis reviews several books including “Edward Abbey: A Life” by James M. Calahan.

December, 2002

This IJW features an article by Stephen Mills on how the Sierra Club reaches “Beyond the Borders” with its new international programs in Southern Africa, Mexico and the Ashoka fellows program. In the international perspectives section, Stephen Siebert and Jill Belsky discuss the important role of local food production in livelihood security and why protected area managers need to be aware of these issues. In the news and announcements section, WILD announces its WILD Awards program, recognizing companies who use wild images in advertising and also support the protection of wild nature – in an way, paying royalties for the use of these images.

April, 2001

Garry Oye and others provide personal perspectives on the new wilderness recreation strategy for the National Forest System in a special stewardship feature. The working partnership between the Bureau of Land Management and the Student Conservation Association to restore wilderness in the California desert is explained by Dave Wash and Kate Wash. Chad Dawson remembers the work, leadership and passion of Bob Marshall, and John Shultis reviews For the Health of the Land by Aldo Leopold (J. Baird Callicott and Eric T. Freyfogle, eds).