April, 2007

This issue of the IJW explores wilderness being used as “symbolic value”: Symbolism, Experience, and the Value of Wilderness (Herbert W. Shroeder) and Beyond the Symbolic Value of Wildness (Paul M. Keeling) look into the psychological view of the symbolic value of wilderness as well as exploring wilderness being described as a “symbolic value.”

August, 2007

This issue of the International Journal of Wilderness put some focus on visitor usage of wilderness. Wilderness Day Use (J. Daniel Abbe and Robert E. Manning) and An Examination of Constraints to Wilderness Visitation (Gary T. Green, J.M. Bowker, Cassandra Y. Johnson, H. Ken Cordell and Xiongfei Wang) explore the impact from day use visitors as well as which social groups visit wilderness more and which groups feel as though they have more constraints.

December, 2007

This issue of the Journal incorporates a couple of articles focused on technology and wilderness. GPS and the Internet (Joe Van Horn) and New Opportunities for Educating Future Wilderness and Wildland Managers in a Changing Technological World (Chad P. Dawson) look into how differently wilderness experiences are shared now with GPS mapping and internet capabilities, as well as how differently wilderness managers communicate and learn with changing technologies.