April, 2009

This issue of the International Journal of Wilderness puts some focus on mountain ranges, including the Carpathian Mountains and Adirondack Park. Climbers’ Attitudes toward Recreation Resource Impacts in the Adirondack Park’s Giant Mountain Wilderness (Christopher A. Monz) discusses research outcomes regarding climbers’ outlooks on the use and misuse of recreation resources. The Carpathian Mountains (Michael C. Baltzer, David Strobel, and Vlado Vancura) explores different aspects of the mountains, including threats, mammal population, and future possibilities.

August, 2009

This issue of the IJW explores some interesting topics including climate change and biodiversity. The Nature of Climate Change (Locke and Mackey) explores issues related to climate change. Key Biodiversity Areas in Wilderness (Upgren, Bernard, Clay, de Silva, Foster, James, Kasecker, Knox, Rial, Roxburgh, Storey and Williams) discusses the importance of identifying biodiversity areas.

December, 2009

This issue of the International Journal of Wilderness touches on several different aspects associated with wilderness. New Wilderness Legislation in 2009 (Chad P. Dawson) discusses the importance of the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009. Embracing Web 2.0 Technologies (Lisa Eidson) shows an interesting perspective on social networking, blogging and more.